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My name is Christy Hiler. My mission is to document and celebrate stories of amazing missionaries.

Adrian Quiros Solano

Adrian Quiros Solano

Tell me about yourself and where you grew up.

I'm from San José, Costa Rica. I'm 22 years old and I have been in the mission field for 3 years. I like to sing, as well as help motivate others to follow God.

How did you come to serve as a missionary in Nicaragua?

In October 2015, I had the opportunity to participate in a discipleship school called Vida220 for ten months. In July of 2016, we started a tour where we would first visit Nicaragua with a group from the United States to work in a local church for a week and then leave for Guatemala. On the day we were supposed to leave for Guatemala, our minibus broke down, and we could not continue the tour. Two days after being stranded in Nicaragua, our director asked us what we wanted to do. He gave our team two options: return to Costa Rica or move to an island called Ometepe, in the lake of Nicaragua, to help with the construction of a church and spend some time with the kids in a children's center. I was the only person on my team who wanted to return to Costa Rica; everyone else agreed to go. So we all went. When I arrived on the island, I was very angry and upset. The first day, I decided to stay in my room because I really did not want to be there.

On the second day, one of the leaders approached me and told me that if I did not leave the room to share as the others did, they would send me back to Costa Rica and I would not graduate from the program. When I heard that, I started to work and serve like the others. I started to have a change of attitude and my heart began to fall in love with the children, the place, and the people.

Three months after returning to Costa Rica and having finished Vida220, I received an invitation from the director of the center who opened the door for me to return and work with the young people of the school.

After much consideration and prayer, today, one year and eight months later, I am here in Nicaragua, giving the best of me to see young people grow in the Lord.

How would you describe the mission to which you are called?

I would describe it as "the biggest challenge of my life". Being here is definitely a challenge which I do not regret having taken on. I feel more than blessed to have been chosen by God to be in this place.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced along the way?

Being away from home, my family, and my friends. My relationship with my parents is very close, and it has been a great challenge for me to be away from them. But it is something that is overcome when I remind myself who chose me for this calling.

Have there been temptations to return?

Absolutely! Many times I have had them, but the secret is to always be connected with God and remember that I am here because it is His plan. Honestly, returning home and leaving everything now is not an option.

What keeps you going?

Conviction, faith, and certainty. I love being around young people who are thirsty to follow and know more about God. Seeing how God shows his love towards these young people fills my heart and makes me go for more every day.

I once heard someone say that the most successful people find the only thing they do better than any other person and focus all their effort on that. What is your one thing?

I do not know that I am necessarily better than any other person, but if I share time with the kids and talk to them about the Lord, it's something great and beautiful that I do with all my heart because I want them to have a deeper relationship with the Lord. In that, they will be challenged to be better than me and disciple others so that they also may continue the pattern.

What was the last thing you Googled?

Letter of songs and notes.

I love singing. It's one of the things I love the most.

What question am I not asking what should I ask?

"How could we support you?"

Without a doubt, I would appreciate your support with your prayers. It is important that every missionary is being prayed for.

Who else should tell the story?

Hellen Vindas, the director of the Children's Center CICRIN, has a testimony that inspires and motivates me to follow and answer the Lord's call.

Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh

Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh

Tanya Torp

Tanya Torp